When makers meet their makers. Who will care for the system that outlives you? [The author has] been reverse-engineering some of these inscrutable systems over the past few years, and hacking away at some other ones. It can be hard to talk about death and loss, but its easy to talk about problem-solving.

DeathHacks: Tech tips for people who are going to die (someday)

Chinatown / a Contemporary Art Project

Chinatown is a Chinese translation of the trademarks in a graphical way. Its a carefully arranged series of artworks showcasing 20 well-known western brand logos with maintained visual and narrative continuity.

Chinatown pushes viewers to ask themselves what it means to see, hear, and become fully aware. Chinatown also demonstrates our strangeness to 1.35 billion people in the world, when you cant read Chinese.

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Beautiful Morning

Watch Asteroid 2004 BL86 on Slooh as it makes its close approach to Earth at 3.1 lunar distances away! Out of all the known Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs), this giant, at an estimated 1/2 to 1 kilometer in diameter, is the brightest one we know of that will pass this close to Earth for the next twelve years!

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What an astonishing thing a book is. It's a flat object made from a tree with flexible parts on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it and you're inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.
---Carl Sagan

We're Back

Sorry for the down time, there was some issues with our hosting provider that took awhile to work out. The site is on a new server and has been stable, so it seems time to bring things back online.

Better than a goat!

This Nightmare Machine Mows Ditches

This is the Claas Xerion 3300 VC ''Octopus'' Ditch Mower. It has four arms instead of eight. But don't say that to its face.

Mickey has the measles

As expected, the number of measles cases linked to the outbreak beginning at Disneyland has continued increasing, most recently to 52 as of Monday night, including a 22-month old girl in Mexico who visited the theme park during the exposure dates. And as expected, misinformation has proliferated online at the same rate as the disease (or perhaps a even more). So as you continue arguing in comment threads and on social media, make sure you have your talking points ready.

New York Times: Measles Cases Linked to Disneyland Rise, and Debate Over Vaccinations Intensifies

Forbes: Five Things To Know About The Disneyland Measles Outbreak

What Happens When...

This repository is an attempt to answer the age old interview question "What happens when you type google.com into your browser's address box and press enter?" Except instead of the usual story, we're going to try to answer this question in as much detail as possible. No skipping out on anything.

What happens when you type google.com into your browser and press enter?



Everything has a beginning and an end. Life is just a cycle of starts and stops.
There are ends we don't desire, but they're inevitable, we have to face them. It's what being human is all about. - Jet Black